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Since childhood Linda has always had photography in her blood. She loved to play with her dad's cameras and grew quickly into being an award-winning photographer on her own merits. After earning a BFA in photography she resolved that she needed to create a blending of art and commerce in her life. She has been a working shooter exploring the world of imagery since 1980 and has enjoyed allowing the artist in her to use her sense of composition, graphics, color, and timing to create wonderful imagery for her clients.

As you are looking at one of her portraits, vignettes of environments, documented or created /altered realities, what is most important to her is that the viewer has a sense of wonder.

As Linda's work encompasses many subjects and directions not all will be shown at this site simultaneously. So we look forward to your touching base with us to see what new directions have popped up since you were last here.

Linda's photographic talents are available through assignments, stock photo sales, and exhibition prints. If there are any particular themes of work that you are interested in seeing more of please contact us.

Thank you again for visiting her web site.